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Happy New Year!
It has been a very big year for me, in both ups and downs. The lowest low was the end of my short lived marriage last February, and the highest high was graduating from University in March with a bachelors degree in Industrial Design.

Some other big achievements this year:
-Learning to play the Ukulele, and performing a Ukulele duo on stage for 300 people!
-Performing in a ton of burlesque shows, and creating a bunch of numbers that I am very proud of. They all had incredibly geeky themes, including a farscape Chiana number which made the few other people in the room who knew what the fuck this was about very happy.
I also sucked a friend into become a boy-lesque performer! He is having lots of success, it makes me very proud.

It was a long hard year of pulling myself back together and putting my life back on track, and I'm excited for a new year with new challenges and new joys. Also, 2013 includes my life long dream trip to Japan (April 2013!)I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve, and I wish you the best of luck in the coming year.
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 I am currently deeply in love with two animated shows, Adventure Time (if you have seen my tumblr this should be obvious) and more recently, Gravity falls. 

After I finished watching Avatar the last Airbender and the most recent season of Korra I felt a major gap in my fun animated show watching. Thank gosh Adventure time came along! It is so strange and wonderful, I love all the characters and the beautiful animation style. The female characters are strong and independent as well as being diverse. Princess bubblegum's balance of smarts and femininity is pitch perfect!
There are some clips on the site:

Gravity falls is one I have been hearing about as awesome in fannish circles since it's debut this fall. It certainly lives up to the hype! It has lovely animation and a very smart and weird sense of humour. The main characters are twin siblings (12 yrs old) who solve supernatural mysteries in the town of Gravity falls, where they have been shipped off to stay with their great uncle for the summer. Gr-uncle Stan is a well meaning but negligent guardian, which allows for lots of adventures. Dipper is smart and neurotic as well as being a realistic 12 year old. Mabel is feminine but also smart and adventurous, which is a balance that not enough children's shows hit!

If you haven't already become addicted to them, and are like me a big fan of pixar, avatar, and other animated things that get filed in the 'family' section, you will probably love Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. 

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[personal profile] kouredios 's friending meme has given me a bunch of cool new people to check out and sent a few new people over here to my journal, which is fantastic!
If you're one of those cool new people following me, welcome! I also have a tumblr if you are interested in more visual media,

I have been doing very little interaction with other people online lately, mostly lurking and liking things on tumblr, which is kind of sad now that I think about it. I am looking forward to being more active, with more chatting and discussions. 

If you have a question about me, my fandoms, my interests, or pretty much anything else, ask away right here!

If you also listen to the /Report, we should become besties forever. 
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I was absolutely torn up by all the feelings about the doctor and the ponds when I watched The Angels Take Manhattan. I cried a bunch, because I do love the dynamic between that trio.
Like a lot of people I was also frustrated by a lot of things:
-The statue of liberty angel (How can the statue of liberty walk across to a building without somebody seeing it? It didn't even DO anything!)
-The many times angels should have been looking at each other and therefore permanently frozen due to not having their hands up in front of their faces
-The temporal disturbance of New York being the reason the Doctor can't go get the Ponds in the past. Why not take the train from somewhere else!? (Someone explained this as the Ponds interacting with the Doctor again being the paradox that he is avoiding, not their location, but it doesn't come across that way in the episode.)

If you were similarly saddened by that last episode and desirous of some comforting gen followup that fixes all the problems, you should definitely check out this podfic: 'Stealing Time' by [personal profile] such_heights
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This is a fantastic Community vid that highlights a bunch of great moments from the series in a very well-timed cut with fantastic use of bits of sound from the clips in addition to a great song choice. If you haven't seen the show Community you should definitely check it out.

Time To Begin by Man is Evil

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 I went to see the National Theatre Live encore showing of Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the creature. Holy crap AMAZING and I loved it a lot!
Seeing plays at the movie theatre that I would never have gotten to see otherwise is fantastic. The movie theatre was full and at least half the crowd was women around my age. I suspect most of these were fellow cumberbitches due to the very suggestive squealing sounds at key moments.  I haven't seen the other version where Cumberbatch plays Frankenstein, but since the play is mostly from the creature's POV I was happy just seeing the one I did.

You can see the trailer here to get a hint of this awesomeness:
I definitely recommend checking this out!


Jun. 12th, 2012 11:34 pm
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 Do any of you have a Tumblr? I'm always on the lookout for cool people to follow on Tumblr, because I currently only work 14 hours a week and am always  happy to do anything else other than those 14 hours of work.
Mine is
It's a mix of nerdy fandom and the occasional vintage fashion.

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I didn't follow it live, but you gotta love watching the Eurovision Song Contest. If you have never heard of Eurovision you are missing out on some seriously hilarious videos, I highly recommend checking it out.
The winners have already been announced but I'm just watching the videos now. You can see a full announcement of the standings with convenient pictures and videos here:
So far the most ridiculous I've watched is Ireland's submission by Jedward. The duo of cheese ball blonde space-knights dances in a fountain and has provided the internet with this fantastically bizarre visual:

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more Euro-pop craziness!

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We have adopted an adorable pair of beige tabby kittens!
Bismarck is named after Otto von Bismarck. Bismarck is the darker orange kitten. He's an adventurous and outgoing little guy, but he needs a lot of cuddles and is very clingy. He has an adorable but strange habit of suckling my shirts.
Parnell is named for Charles Stewart Parnell, who was the 19th century Irish politician who invented the Boycott. Parnell is calm and friendly, and a little bit skittish. He is much bigger than Bismarck, and has very cool ring markings on his sides.
They are currently 14 weeks old.
More adorable photos under the cut!

Kittens, being adorable )
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Yay we won at Hockey! We hear honking up and down our street for a straight hour after we won.

But Russia is so much more awesome than we are performance-wise! I loved that 10 minute presentation more than our entire opening ceremonies.

Oh my god I am so embarrassed watching the closing ceremonies.
Listening to John Furlong, VANOC head, murder French was so horrible that we muted his entire 10 minute speech.
We have no dignity as a nation, none. I get the whole 'don't take life too seriously' sentiment, but that was painfully bad. 
Blow up flying Moose + Beaver, 'sexy' maple leafs, dancing lumberjacks and voyaguers, do not want.
Sexy Mountie is a costume that never should have been made, so wrong! I want my sexy Mountie in Paul Gross form only.

Michael Buble singing 'the maple leaf forever' and Alanis Morisette, yay!
Ahg Nickelback? AVRIL!? Simple plan. Hedley. We are kind of an emo country.

but YAY hockey win!

I am back to class tomorrow, no more lounging about leisurely and avoiding downtown.
Time for Vancouver life to go back to normal, we'll see what the total debt tallies up to soon.
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My core class in university this semester is based around electronics and human interactions with objects. We are exploring new ways to use sensors and electronic output (such as motors, lights, and sound) to create a unique and meaningful 'interaction'.
Or as Phnelt re-interpreted the assignment: what can you look at and think "this could be more sonic!"

For our first mini intro project we made a rudimentary lego mindstorms robot crocodile that opened it's mouth and eyes when someone waved a hand in front of it, wagged it's tail when it heard sounds, and snapped it's mouth shut when a button it it's mouth was touched. Very cool, but not particularly original or creative as far as the application of electronics go.

So now I've got a very basic understanding of how sensors and digital output programming works, and no idea what to do with it.
Our class brainstormed a bunch of ideas, but it came down to the fact that there are very few situations where I'm not already interacting with electronics, and I don't really want to add more electronics to my life. Ever seen those TV adds for gizmos that automate something that really didn't need it, like scissors? DO NOT WANT. It just makes things more complicated, annoying, and dependent on batteries.

Lots of the ideas from our class were focused on medical technology. Last year someone made a waist belt that vibrated in specific spots depending on where sounds were coming from, for Deaf people to have an improved awareness of their surroundings. Another was a prototype of a pair of rain boots that lit up different colours based on whether they were in water or not.

The best route seems to be making our interactions with things that already involve electronics more "sonic" somehow. Does anyone on the flist have a deep need for something in their life to be more sonic?
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Gauis saying "Someday he will see you for who you really are" in the last episode totally continues "because you belong together."
I saw the video for Taylor Swift's song You Belong With Me and I immediately thought that there NEEDS to be a Merlin vid to it!

I went looking and found out there already is one:
But I just don't see Morgana and Arthur as a pair at all, they're too much like siblings. Plus Morgana hasn't really been a negative for Arthur much in the show.

What I really wanted was for the "other girl" to be Uther's persecution of magic. Where the song talks about "her" bringing him down it would be Uther executing a sorcerer, that sort of thing. I'd have to think of something suitably metaphoric for 'high heels' and 'short skirts', but it would be an interesting juxtaposition.

I really need to take the time to get good at vidding so that I can bring these things to life instead of just writing them down and hoping I have some cash when sweet charity rolls around.

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Merlin's dialogue could have been taken directly from a high school romance drama, with Gaius playing the comforting father. "Someday that boy will see you for who you really are!"
Merlin and Arthur's love is so true.

I am excited for new vids this season, and that crystal heart is so going to be used as a metaphor for Arthur's love. Also, apparently Arthur is too sexy for his shirt.
Can't wait for the next episode!
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Catch them if you can! )

Somebody linked them in an article on Entertainment! :D

 (I somehow failed to post this here at the time, it was only on LJ)

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We decided to name him Pickwick!
He has gotten much bigger in the two weeks we've had him, and he is much more active! This does mean he spends less time cuddling and sleeping in our arms, but he plays a lot more. We are both pretty clawed up from his playful pursuit of "catch the hands and feet and bite" game, but he's so cute and you know he's just trying to play.
Photos of Pickwick! )Fleas, Ottowa  )


May. 12th, 2009 10:24 am
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We adopted a little boy kitten yesterday!
His birthday was March 21st, 2009. He's only two months or 7 1/2 weeks old, and he is so tiny!
[personal profile] phnelt  is running a poll for his name over at her dreamwidth. please vote!
we've narrowed it down to four options;

kitten photos! )

Back home!

May. 1st, 2009 10:17 am
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Today is my first day back from [ profile] phnelt and I's epic trip to New York and Washington DC with her family. Photo post to follow as soon as I upload and pick the best pics.

assorted tourism )
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I firmly believe that the song "The Fool on the Hill" by the Beatles would make an amazing Dr.Who vid.

the man of a thousand voices )

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I attended Carmen with [ profile] phnelt recently, and live professional opera is indeed joyous! As a kid I saw Madame Butterfly and a version of the King and I, but no other live operas. I paid a ton for the tickets, and they were still awfully high up, but luckily my cousin is studying opera here so now I can get $15 tickets to the matinees! Rigoletto is next. Glee! The music is played so often that of course I knew half of it, and damn it was stuck in my head for a week. I found myself humming it at the bus stop!

My next venture out was to Coraline in 3D! I loved it. I've been avoiding doing a re-read of the book until I saw the movie, to prevent nitpicking. I'll have to re-read it now so I can compare. I'm a big Tim Burton fan and him combined with Neil Gaimen is a dream come true for me. The crazy taffy ladies reminded me of the aunts from pushing daisies. Also, the mouse circus was friggen intense. Vote yes to the sophisticated gent of a cat too.
Sadly Phnelt and I both had headaches after the 3D, but I am pretty glad that 3D is really catching on as a mainstream movie thing. Too bad I missed seeing Bolt.

Last night I went with a buddy to a two person performance of the musical The Last Five Years, the musical that produced the song "I could be in love with someone like you" of the SGA vid! That song was never actually in the musical, but was written for it and then replaced with a different song. I have been wanting to see that musical ever since I first saw the vid. I've had some other songs from it downloaded for a while. It turned out to be a pretty emotional show in a really honest way. It was awesome, both actors were great singers, and the woman had actually played a small part on stargate atlantis! Majorly serendipitous.

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I posted a few of my sculpture assignments from last semester on my deviantart!
They have such titles as: Colossal squid in a jar, Pony in a ball, and The Glorious Revolution! Check them out?
[ profile] phnelt  is particularly fond of the pony in a ball, and she is fully responsible for the orange/pickle thing, her history nerdy-ness is always inspiring. I'm really proud of how my wooden squid mobile turned out. Download the video!

I intend to continue posting my art from last semester, so I'll post a note here when I post more art.

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After quite a few all-nighters I am done! The biggest final projects were the one due last monday and the one due yesterday.

Monday's biggie was an essay/case study for design history about how "during the period of 1950 to 1970 the Space Race and the rise of science fiction TV and movies combined to completely change the dominant subject matter of tin-toys from circus, nature, and storybook themes to space and science fiction themes." More precisely I spent 2,000 words talking about Robby the Robot wind-up toys, science fiction, and space technology.

Friday was the final soft product design project. Our last project was to design and sew a laptop bag (for [ profile] phnelt 's laptop). This time we had to design and make a muslin and a final version of a backpack for some sort of sweaty activity. I'm not big on sweaty sports-type activity, so I figured I might as well choose the coolest thing I could think of: Spelunking! Or as actual cavers seem to hate that term, "cave diving". Yeah!

My muslin was in these awesome 90's-tastic colours: white, neon pink, and electric blue. XD My final bag was sewn over two days, and all through friday night until 1:30 when the bag was due. :( I am STILL tired and crazy. I was late to hand it in, but luckily my teacher assumed it was because of the snow. The bag is pretty comfy, and super-cute looking. I think it turned out amazing! I will hopefully post pictures soon. 
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Trip to Edmonton for Thanksgiving!
Happy times, I miss my e-towners all the time.
Shout out to all y'all e-towners on my flist: I less than three you!
Yay for turkey and mystery (how many sausage/sex metaphors can we squeeze into each sentence?). And we stayed with Regina who we haven't seen since we moved, she's the sweetest lady around!
Michael made a tasty cookie and survived a surprise encounter with my mom! (as did Regina and her family unit)
Britt, silly pictures are impending I swear.
I hung with most of my family peeps for a while, good to see how they're all doing. Breakfast with my Bro was awesome, the blue plate diner grills a mean cornbread. No time for a full-out post right now, maybe I will get back to it.

This past weekend was the opposite, drugery and anxiety and stress over a mountain of homework! It got to the point of Phnelt and I trading homework. You know it's sad when you're procrastinating doing your homework by doing other people's! But Nina came over and was reading in solidarity with us.

And last friday Nina, her roomies and I all went to the midnight horror double feature at the Rio! Oodles of fun, with raffles and a "horror comedian" in zombie-like makeup who made so many awesomely bad jokes all with the punchline "It's not easy, being creepy." The movies were both black and white, 30's old! First was "Freaks" which had an amazing dwarf actress and was horribly creepy at the end. Apparently 30 minutes of it were censored and lost, I wonder how scary it would have been with them...

Second was the first Dracula movie! Pretty terrible, and filled with uncomfortably long shots of Dracula making buggy eyes in dramatic lighting. I fell asleep halfway in and woke up near the end to find Nina curled up on the seat beside me and her two roomies gone. XD
I clearly don't have the stamina for being out at the movies until four in the morning! I don't even feel compelled to watch it for the parts I missed, it was really bad.

The rest of my week will be crazy homework combined with the fact I desperately need a haircut and a doctors appt to refill the monthly pills.

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New art! Just a pencil doodle that turned out a little sexier than I planned. Please check it out on DeviantArt.
(is anyone annoyed by my always linking to Devart instead of posting directly here? Because I could really stop being so lazy and post it here if everyone hated it)

I'm almost finished the laptop bag I've been working on! I just need to test it when [ profile] phnelt  isn't using her laptop for German homework before I sew the final seam. I will try and post pictures once I get it marked!

In other news I had to rip out the 10 rows of complicated edging I had knit on my sweater because when I connected them in the first row I created... dun.dundun. a MOEBIUS sweater! Lame, and unfixable. So now I've re-started and I just finished the complicated edging and am moving on to the rest. I love the circulars because I can fit them in my tiny purse.

This afternoon I went to a high tea with the VanElegance loli girls to celebrate [ profile] crazisilverange's birthday. Pudding was late, but the rest of us started right away with beautiful tea's and large tiered trays of finger sandwiches and pastries! It was yummy, and very nice to meet some new people in the fashion. Pudding had the most adorable gloomy-bear apron! Next weekend is a meetup with a different group of loli's to go to the vintage carousel in burnaby, yay! Except I would really like to have my new skirt fixed by then, and I know I won't have time with all my homework and student union meetings. What to wear...
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Just a quickie to say: look I'm alive on DevArt too! Check out the link:

I want an octopus dress, this would be so fun to sew!

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I'm in desperate need of practice drawing backgrounds and using colour, so this evening I did some work on this digital painting I've had on the back burner for a while. I like the general light/dark contrast, but I'm not really happy with the colour yet (especially the girl). Maybe I'll look up some reference photos.

new art

Jul. 28th, 2008 10:48 pm
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New stuff!
I posted a new drawing I doodled on in Parksville to get some practice doing backgrounds, and hopefully I'll be posting some more new art as well as posting my older stuff and school assignments. Enjoy the silly HP fan art!
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Alan Rickman is shmexy even with a mustache and Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy) is hot like burning, so the movie Bottle Shock is destined to be sexy and awesome due to the combination of these two forces.
It's based on the 1976 Paris Tasting that "rocked the wine world". It looks fabulous from the trailer anyways, french/british "snobbery" combats american "wholesomeness". for the trailer.

I must see this when it comes out.
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This company DB Fletcher has created a new take on an 1835 Robert Jupe design.
check out the video:

The whole idea is smart, take out the whole annoying process of having leaves in order to expand a table, and allow people to expand a circular table without turning it into an oval. (like when you put rectangular leaves in a circular table)
The execution is downright MAGICAL. Sexiest table, EVER. If I were super rich, I would so buy this.

Why is all the sexiest design work priced for millionaires and yachts? The amazingly sexy table rings in at between $49,700 and $69,600!

here's their website if you want to check out more videos or pictures:
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the National Film Board of Canada created some real animation gold back in the day.
I remember these cartoons so fondly that I have been searching for them since they stopped airing on saturday mornings on the good old Canadian Broadcast Corporation, and FINALLY here they are! For those of you from Canada, these may be a little slice of childhood.
For anyone else, this is a little insight into what we grew up with.

The Log Driver's Waltz

I even sufficed with having a bad midi of this song when I couldn't find a real version of it. Now don't go thinking this means I frequently saw log drivers on the north saskatchewan river, even when I was born this was a rather historical little ditty.

The Cat Came Back

I can always remember the refrain of this (it's not exactly hard) so it turned into one of those annoying repetitive songs kids sing on field trip buses. I saw this in a museum after it stopped airing, and I've been looking for a copy ever since.

Black Fly

Phnelt remembers this one, but I don't think I ever saw it. Anyone else remember it? Maybe its just because I was an Albertan.

Also, any non-Canadians should check out some molson Canadian commercials on you-tube, classic.
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I've been doing research for design and trying to get a little more immersed in modern design, whatevers new and current, so I've started going to some design blogs. Most of the stuff is hypothetical. There's only one, made by the designer as a sample, and the chances of it being put into production are pretty slim. But some of them are awesome ideas, so I'm going to try and post some of the cooler ones. (at least that way I will be updating my LJ more often!)

Yanko Design: Get your Buckle on
This is one thing I really liked
It's a pretty cool idea, but it's kind of been done already. Really, it's two big couch cushions buckled together. Or, if you want to get really fancy, its like those kids foam matresses that are attached on one side and fold up. I could totally make one of those out of some couch cushions and sewing supplies! You could even make some really nice cushion covers and make it custom with pretty fabric. I'm tempted to make one just to prove it can be done.

It wouldn't really be any more comfortable than sleeping on a couple of couch cushions though! Even if they used their shnazzy designer foam. It would be fun, if you have room for a comfy armchair and have overnight visitors pretty often, or if you don't have room for a couch.

Apartment Therapy: Mahjong Sofa
The Mah Jong sofa from Roche-Bobois is a more advanced version of this, but I think it detracts from the idea, it's too complex. Might as well have a couch!
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Anyone who really follows the Dr. Who scene probably already knows about this, but I found it in art magazine at my school and I always find it really amazing when my fandoms intersect with my 'high' art education!

Mark Wallinger is a british artist who created a mirrored Tardis for the 49th Venice Biennale (2001), which viewed from the right angle almost disappears into the background.
The best photo that I've found of it is

That website belongs to the fabricator, who is apparently behind quite a few significant contemporary works. Since artists these days are expected to produce work extremely quickly, they are often forced to have a fabricator actually do the actual handiwork after the artist designs the piece.
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4th week of university! AHG!

So far, still overwhelming. I have a project due on friday which I have no idea what to do for, based on Kafka's the metamorphosis, and now I am running out of time to do anything sculptural so I think I may have to take the easy painting road. It is stressing me out.

Also, creating a scultpure of a line drawing using only paper/bristol board is really difficult, I've made like three different versions and none of them really look right. On the other hand, I handed in my essay on tuesday an I think I did pretty awesome on it!

I'm getting way better at cooking! I'm really enjoying the cookbook MB gave me, everything I make using it turns out better than the things I make with other recipes. I've made chicken fingers and fries in the oven, a very tasty pea pod and beef stir fry, and a frankenstein-ed version of their lasagna and mac n cheese.

Today I had a day off and was SUPER productive. I got the package Maigen sent us from the post office, bought a tension rod and put up the curtains I made with it, hung the beaded curtain in front of our closet door, and cleaned the dead moths off of our light fixture and replaced the missing bulb. ALL in addition to baking casserole! WHOO I feel accomplished!
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Everyone and their dog seems to be doing this right now, so here I am hopping on the bandwagon! (these memes come and go in giant waves, creepy)

1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten results

read my future, fortune teller )
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If you're on a mac backing up your LJ is a bit harder, most of the programs are designed for windows, but I searched and found this one which works for both formats! It turns your LJ into a beautiful pdf file, arranged by year and month, with all your comments and even your pictures which are just resized.

I think this is perfect for windows also, and it is so simple compared to some of the other things I've looked at! They often require complex formatting and extracting things and such, but this is perfect.

Grad Dress

Aug. 24th, 2007 12:01 am
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I was really proud of my grad dress, which I sewed myself, but I totally forgot to post pictures of it! Time to remedy this. BIG pictures, and a long winded explanation of how its made, so be warned.

Better late than never )


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