Dec. 16th, 2012

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 I am currently deeply in love with two animated shows, Adventure Time (if you have seen my tumblr this should be obvious) and more recently, Gravity falls. 

After I finished watching Avatar the last Airbender and the most recent season of Korra I felt a major gap in my fun animated show watching. Thank gosh Adventure time came along! It is so strange and wonderful, I love all the characters and the beautiful animation style. The female characters are strong and independent as well as being diverse. Princess bubblegum's balance of smarts and femininity is pitch perfect!
There are some clips on the site:

Gravity falls is one I have been hearing about as awesome in fannish circles since it's debut this fall. It certainly lives up to the hype! It has lovely animation and a very smart and weird sense of humour. The main characters are twin siblings (12 yrs old) who solve supernatural mysteries in the town of Gravity falls, where they have been shipped off to stay with their great uncle for the summer. Gr-uncle Stan is a well meaning but negligent guardian, which allows for lots of adventures. Dipper is smart and neurotic as well as being a realistic 12 year old. Mabel is feminine but also smart and adventurous, which is a balance that not enough children's shows hit!

If you haven't already become addicted to them, and are like me a big fan of pixar, avatar, and other animated things that get filed in the 'family' section, you will probably love Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. 


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