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Jun. 19th, 2007 12:07 pm
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*dances dance of lucky joy*

We have an apartment! We signed the lease last night!
We actually found it it on sunday, the first day we were here! I totally thought we would spend the first day lazing and visiting the beach, but instead we spent our first two days doing some really intense apartment hunting.

We got super lucky and found a big 1 bedroom place, with nice hardwood floors, RIGHT on the busroute we need, for only $675 a month! We checked it out and immediately knew it was the apartment for us, but we spent the next day looking too just in case it wasn't the best we could do.

It turns out we were very lucky the lady renting it liked us, she turned down people before we even filled out an application! Apparently landlords don't like to rent to people under 19, especially people without previous landlord referances. Not to mention that vacancy in vancouver is 0%, other people at apartment showings were panicking about finding a place.

The lady who interviews us must be 80 years old, she's easily confused but seems really sweet. The owner seems to rent only to the people she hand picks out! It was funny.

We're taking the rest of the week to enjoy vancouver. We won't be moving until probably the last week of july, but the apartment will oficially be ours on july 1st!

DS <3

Jun. 16th, 2007 09:53 am
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I've been at home during the day alot more lately due to the slacky-ness that is the last days of school. What does that mean? Watching day-time TV!

Mostly first season re-runs of Due South! <3
I've only seen about 5 episodes in total, my favourites so far being One Good Man and Heaven and Earth. Every episode I see just makes me love it more and more. Ray/Frasier=wow.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about: A stereotypical mountie goes to Chicago to work with a local detective, Ray Vekio (sp?). His name is Frasier, he has a deaf wolf named Deifenbaker, and he and Ray were meant to be! It's a little on the cheesy 90's drama side, but it is so amusing, so that just adds to it's charm.

Frasier is so polite and old fashioned it's almost freakish, but instead he's absolutely adorable! Especially when combined with Ray. Ray is your typical italian chiago-ite who could almost be a mob member if he weren't a cop. He has kind of adopted Frasier, he drives him around everywhere and is always getting him out of trouble, or just being there to buy him cough drops.

In the episode heaven and earth Ray actually dresses up as a mountie and pretends to be Frasier just so that Frasier won't get in trouble!

And both Ray and Frasier chat with Deifenbaker, which is hilarious when you are reminded that he's deaf.

Ray and Frasier's love is soo canon. =D


Jun. 1st, 2007 05:13 pm
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aside form the couple lovely BUGS *cringe* I encountered when I got home, it's a cozy sort of evening. It's a tiny bit cooler inside the house than outside, so its just right.

I took off my deathly uncomfortable rubber shoes, put on comfy jeans and socks, and curled up in an armchair in the sunlight to read my registration package for uni.

then read this adorable Stargate Atlantis John/Rodney story Junk Cheap ( ) that Ashke recomended me quite a while ago. It's a cozy, sweet, feel-good sort of story with a tiny bit of spice ^_~
Those are my favourite kinds, they make me feel like curling up in bed and dreaming happy dreams.

I managed to sunburn my shoulders, hopefully not too badly, in the time I was outside during lunch and at the end of fourth, despite sitting in the shade. Congratulations me! for uber paleness and burnability. Looks like it's time to make a trip to the drugstore and get some new sunscreen and bug spray.

I think I will walk over to the store now and grab something for dinner.
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What more can I say? Nicole Kidman! I have high hopes!


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