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Well I'm back to the grindstone, four weeks of school and counting! I'm loving my classes this semester, because I only have one academic course! The rest are pure studio, so my homework has looked like this:
Draw my teeth, Make a cardboard model of a laptop bag, Draw the symbols and numbers on the back of a pack of cards, and a little history reading. I love being able to do all art, although lately I haven't had much time for drawing fan art sadly.

My sculpture class so far has been a re-introduction to my fear of power tools. We have a giant woodshop in which I used a massive band saw, and had the tech ask me if I'd "had some sort of horrible woodshop accident when I was a child where my father had cut off his finger". I think maybe he noticed I was hiding at the back of the group and physically cringing when he described what could go wrong. Metalshop was possibly better, where I learned to MIG weld and the tech said I had a natural talent for it.

The best part of sculpture is moldmaking or 'plastics' though, we can make a mold of pretty much anything and then there's a hundred kinds of rubber, latex and cement you can make your multiples out of.

The cardboard laptop bag was for a sewing course called "Soft Product Design" where I get to sew two bags, this one will probably end up being for Phnelt's laptop.

Any time I don't spend doing homework or school I've been enjoying our brand new full cable. We finally get the space channel! Star Trek almost 24 hours a day! Not to mention all the fall shows coming back. House is breaking my heart, I'm going to get out there and read some House/Wilson to help me ignore the fact that one of my favourite on screen couples is breaking up. Bones is awesome, but also killed a couple I loved! Heroes is a whole bag of wtf-ery that I'm hoping gets better as the season goes on, because seriously? Nathan found JESUS/linderman?! Arg so much else was wrong with that premiere that I won't even get into it.

I'll post a quick art a little later too
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