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My core class in university this semester is based around electronics and human interactions with objects. We are exploring new ways to use sensors and electronic output (such as motors, lights, and sound) to create a unique and meaningful 'interaction'.
Or as Phnelt re-interpreted the assignment: what can you look at and think "this could be more sonic!"

For our first mini intro project we made a rudimentary lego mindstorms robot crocodile that opened it's mouth and eyes when someone waved a hand in front of it, wagged it's tail when it heard sounds, and snapped it's mouth shut when a button it it's mouth was touched. Very cool, but not particularly original or creative as far as the application of electronics go.

So now I've got a very basic understanding of how sensors and digital output programming works, and no idea what to do with it.
Our class brainstormed a bunch of ideas, but it came down to the fact that there are very few situations where I'm not already interacting with electronics, and I don't really want to add more electronics to my life. Ever seen those TV adds for gizmos that automate something that really didn't need it, like scissors? DO NOT WANT. It just makes things more complicated, annoying, and dependent on batteries.

Lots of the ideas from our class were focused on medical technology. Last year someone made a waist belt that vibrated in specific spots depending on where sounds were coming from, for Deaf people to have an improved awareness of their surroundings. Another was a prototype of a pair of rain boots that lit up different colours based on whether they were in water or not.

The best route seems to be making our interactions with things that already involve electronics more "sonic" somehow. Does anyone on the flist have a deep need for something in their life to be more sonic?
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