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Trip to Edmonton for Thanksgiving!
Happy times, I miss my e-towners all the time.
Shout out to all y'all e-towners on my flist: I less than three you!
Yay for turkey and mystery (how many sausage/sex metaphors can we squeeze into each sentence?). And we stayed with Regina who we haven't seen since we moved, she's the sweetest lady around!
Michael made a tasty cookie and survived a surprise encounter with my mom! (as did Regina and her family unit)
Britt, silly pictures are impending I swear.
I hung with most of my family peeps for a while, good to see how they're all doing. Breakfast with my Bro was awesome, the blue plate diner grills a mean cornbread. No time for a full-out post right now, maybe I will get back to it.

This past weekend was the opposite, drugery and anxiety and stress over a mountain of homework! It got to the point of Phnelt and I trading homework. You know it's sad when you're procrastinating doing your homework by doing other people's! But Nina came over and was reading in solidarity with us.

And last friday Nina, her roomies and I all went to the midnight horror double feature at the Rio! Oodles of fun, with raffles and a "horror comedian" in zombie-like makeup who made so many awesomely bad jokes all with the punchline "It's not easy, being creepy." The movies were both black and white, 30's old! First was "Freaks" which had an amazing dwarf actress and was horribly creepy at the end. Apparently 30 minutes of it were censored and lost, I wonder how scary it would have been with them...

Second was the first Dracula movie! Pretty terrible, and filled with uncomfortably long shots of Dracula making buggy eyes in dramatic lighting. I fell asleep halfway in and woke up near the end to find Nina curled up on the seat beside me and her two roomies gone. XD
I clearly don't have the stamina for being out at the movies until four in the morning! I don't even feel compelled to watch it for the parts I missed, it was really bad.

The rest of my week will be crazy homework combined with the fact I desperately need a haircut and a doctors appt to refill the monthly pills.

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