Feb. 10th, 2009

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I attended Carmen with [livejournal.com profile] phnelt recently, and live professional opera is indeed joyous! As a kid I saw Madame Butterfly and a version of the King and I, but no other live operas. I paid a ton for the tickets, and they were still awfully high up, but luckily my cousin is studying opera here so now I can get $15 tickets to the matinees! Rigoletto is next. Glee! The music is played so often that of course I knew half of it, and damn it was stuck in my head for a week. I found myself humming it at the bus stop!

My next venture out was to Coraline in 3D! I loved it. I've been avoiding doing a re-read of the book until I saw the movie, to prevent nitpicking. I'll have to re-read it now so I can compare. I'm a big Tim Burton fan and him combined with Neil Gaimen is a dream come true for me. The crazy taffy ladies reminded me of the aunts from pushing daisies. Also, the mouse circus was friggen intense. Vote yes to the sophisticated gent of a cat too.
Sadly Phnelt and I both had headaches after the 3D, but I am pretty glad that 3D is really catching on as a mainstream movie thing. Too bad I missed seeing Bolt.

Last night I went with a buddy to a two person performance of the musical The Last Five Years, the musical that produced the song "I could be in love with someone like you" of the SGA vid! That song was never actually in the musical, but was written for it and then replaced with a different song. I have been wanting to see that musical ever since I first saw the vid. I've had some other songs from it downloaded for a while. It turned out to be a pretty emotional show in a really honest way. It was awesome, both actors were great singers, and the woman had actually played a small part on stargate atlantis! Majorly serendipitous.


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