Dec. 13th, 2008

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After quite a few all-nighters I am done! The biggest final projects were the one due last monday and the one due yesterday.

Monday's biggie was an essay/case study for design history about how "during the period of 1950 to 1970 the Space Race and the rise of science fiction TV and movies combined to completely change the dominant subject matter of tin-toys from circus, nature, and storybook themes to space and science fiction themes." More precisely I spent 2,000 words talking about Robby the Robot wind-up toys, science fiction, and space technology.

Friday was the final soft product design project. Our last project was to design and sew a laptop bag (for [ profile] phnelt 's laptop). This time we had to design and make a muslin and a final version of a backpack for some sort of sweaty activity. I'm not big on sweaty sports-type activity, so I figured I might as well choose the coolest thing I could think of: Spelunking! Or as actual cavers seem to hate that term, "cave diving". Yeah!

My muslin was in these awesome 90's-tastic colours: white, neon pink, and electric blue. XD My final bag was sewn over two days, and all through friday night until 1:30 when the bag was due. :( I am STILL tired and crazy. I was late to hand it in, but luckily my teacher assumed it was because of the snow. The bag is pretty comfy, and super-cute looking. I think it turned out amazing! I will hopefully post pictures soon. 


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