Sep. 28th, 2008

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New art! Just a pencil doodle that turned out a little sexier than I planned. Please check it out on DeviantArt.
(is anyone annoyed by my always linking to Devart instead of posting directly here? Because I could really stop being so lazy and post it here if everyone hated it)

I'm almost finished the laptop bag I've been working on! I just need to test it when [ profile] phnelt  isn't using her laptop for German homework before I sew the final seam. I will try and post pictures once I get it marked!

In other news I had to rip out the 10 rows of complicated edging I had knit on my sweater because when I connected them in the first row I created... dun.dundun. a MOEBIUS sweater! Lame, and unfixable. So now I've re-started and I just finished the complicated edging and am moving on to the rest. I love the circulars because I can fit them in my tiny purse.

This afternoon I went to a high tea with the VanElegance loli girls to celebrate [ profile] crazisilverange's birthday. Pudding was late, but the rest of us started right away with beautiful tea's and large tiered trays of finger sandwiches and pastries! It was yummy, and very nice to meet some new people in the fashion. Pudding had the most adorable gloomy-bear apron! Next weekend is a meetup with a different group of loli's to go to the vintage carousel in burnaby, yay! Except I would really like to have my new skirt fixed by then, and I know I won't have time with all my homework and student union meetings. What to wear...


chibimuse: mabel from gravity falls pointing a grappling gun (Default)

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